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Suntech Solar Panels

Suntech Solar was founded in 2001 by Dr Zhengrong Shi, a leading scientist. The company is a global leader in solar energy, offering renewable energy solutions to commercial, residential and off grid clients in over 80 countries.

Suntech?s offices are situated in 13 countries, including 2 in California, U.S, Switzerland and China.

In 2005, Suntech was placed on the New York Stock Exchange. The following year, it won the contract for the Beijing Bird Nest Stadium for the 2008 Olympic games. The same year, Suntech expanded to a capacity of 300MW, making it the third largest solar energy manufacturer in the world.

In 2007, the company supplied modules for the Nellis Air Force Base plant, the largest photovoltaic plant in the west.

In 2008, Suntech was recognized for its products and excellent performance and gained the accolade of solar energy development company of the year.

2010 saw Suntech expanding its production line to the U.S., at Goodyear, Arizona.

The company achieved a 2GW solar module and cell capacity output in 2011.

Suntech?s products include thin film monocrystalline and polycrystalline modules to allow flexibility and outstanding reliability. Suntech believes that silicon modules offer the most innovative and dependable choice in solar technology.

Their modules have efficiencies of up to 15.7%, making them more effective, due to the often limited roof space for systems. The modules feature a layer within the glass, allowing water to run off quickly and enabling the glass to self-clean. Another layer in the glass allows more light to pass through, as it reduces the reflection of sunlight. The module therefore produces more solar power.

Suntech?s projects have included the Minturn Nut Company Warehouse in California, producing 403 kWp, The California Academy of Sciences with a light thru system and the Pecos Community Centre, Arizona, producing 38 kWp.

At the San Francisco International Airport Terminal, Suntech installed solar panels to produce a 450 kWp output. At Sony Pictures in Culver City, California, their rooftop solar system provides 233 kWp.

The company also provides residential solar power solutions, such as for Energiebau Vettelschloss, and for properties in Freestone and Forestville California. In Japan, they provided roof installations for the Misawa Homes in Tokyo, providing 450 kWp.

Suntech is active in the community and has involved itself in many projects around the globe, such as donating 10 kW of modules to the Sega Girls School in Tanzania. In Jie Village, Tibet, the company donated 50W solar systems to homes without electricity, whilst its initiative, the ?green cell? project runs at McNeil High School.

Suntech works with environmental stewardships around the globe and is certified with an OHSAS 18001, prioritising health and safety at all times. The company is certified with an ISO 14001 for its environmental manufacturing processes.

Suntech values its collaborations with industry innovators, distributors and installers and believes that its open collaboration policy is part of the ethos of the company and defines its strategy for steering the solar energy market further towards grid parity.