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Sharp Solar Panels

Sharp Solar is a global leading company and has been researching and developing solar solutions since 1959.

In the 1990s, Sharp Solar developed a 200 kW system in Japan, which was the largest to date, and received the Japan New Energy Award the following year.

By the year 2000, Sharp became a leading global manufacturer of solar modules. In 2002, the company developed the first string power conditioner and went on to develop various plants, such as the Katsuragi plant with a capacity of 600 MW and the Toyama site which heralded the beginning of silicon use for solar cells.

More recently, Sharp Solar has delivered an innovative solar module for mobile devices and signed an agreement to establish the globe?s largest solar power plant.

The company prides itself on being forward thinking, able to harness the sun?s power which can provide one kW per square metres of emission free energy on a clear day.

Sharp provides reliable product solutions in the solar energy industry, from impressive power plants to lighthouses to space satellites.

The founder of the company, Tokuji Hayakawa, had a vision to reduce the world?s carbon dependency by using electricity from limitless solar power and to enhance the lives of countless people.

Sharp Solar?s products vary according to their vast array of commercial and residential solutions on a global scale.

The company installed Lumiwall in the Yodoyabashi Building; these are thin solar cells featuring built in LEDs. Their solar panels adorn the walls of a Manchester skyscraper and they found a solution to an office building?s air conditioning problem through solar power. Sharp have also implemented solar cells as a means of melting snow.

They have used solar energy to enhance the flavour of wine from aged vines, and created a modern ?super green? factory. In the U.S, Sharp implemented the largest corporate installation at an airport distribution hub.

They mount solar systems onto factories, including the world?s largest automobile factory, and onto distribution warehouses. In Tenerife, Sharp has installed a mega solar power plant and the company?s products also feature in Germany, Spain and Bulgaria. In Japan, the company has installed a major solar system for education, at the Nippon Institute of Technology.

Sharp Solar are using solar power initiatives to create environmentally friendly apartment buildings and condominiums and they have adopted solar cells on a large scale in a new suburban town.

Tokuji Hayakawa has maintained that Sharp?s business concept is to produce products that others want to imitate. The company prides itself on making products that represent a new era and that contribute to society on a large scale.

Sharp?s business philosophy is to promote ?sincerity and creativity? throughout its practices. By sincerity, the company seeks to offer useful solutions that will bring happiness to the end user. By creativity, Sharp maintains that a good working attitude is to not be content with current working models. They aim to innovate and also improve these in order to add value to products.