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Schott & Sunpower Solar Panels

Schott & Sunpower is an international provider of specialty glass and technologies and rank number one, globally, for many of their products. They specialise in household products, electronics, solar power, pharmaceuticals, transport and architecture.

The company?s vision is to make Schott part of everyone?s life. Their values include respecting others, creating value and acting responsibly.

Schott enjoys global sales figures of 2.88 billion Euros, 79% of which is generated outside of Germany, their main base. They employ 17,000 employees worldwide, and 6,300 in Germany itself. Schott runs 40 production facilities in various countries and is focused on research and development to give their products and initiatives a cutting edge against world competition.

The company has an active presence in America, Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe and the Middle East.

Their products include high performance glass and ceramics, made from quality materials. They offer customer specific products as well as lab quantities.

The Otto Schott Research Centre is a global research institution, continuing the 125 years of development of the company. There is also a development centre in Pennsylvania and further technical support facilities in North America, Asia and Europe.

Schott?s products are coated with PICVD, which is a special technology for internal coating, to give high efficiency and the company provides solar photovoltaic products, focusing on manufacture and marketing.

The company?s solar modules are designed to give a high energy performance, and this is verified by various studies from technical media and independent institutes.

Solar modules range from the Schott Perform Poly 235-250, the Perform Mono 255-270, to the Schott Protect Poly 175-195 and Protect ASI 100-107. The company also offers customized modules and building integrated modules.

Schott Solar CSP actively develops and manufactures high efficiency receivers for Power Plants using Parabolic Trough technology. This technology is economically viable and enables a secure supply as well as climate protection. It enables power plants to use between 10 and 300 MW of electrical output and can replace traditional thermal plants without grid structure changes.

Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) technology is particularly useful in regions with high solar irradiation. They work in a similar way to steam power plants but are emission free because of the lack of need for fossil or nuclear fuels.

Schott prides itself on its corporate responsibility and in taking care of its employees. Its values are aimed at employees and family, science, society and the environment.

The company involves itself in regional community projects, particularly those involving children and teenagers. Schott supports the idea of responsibility in young adults within the fields of music and athletics.

Schott has a commitment to the environment. It manufactures products that are environmentally friendly as well as environmental management. The company also offers support to science education and training in schools and colleges.

Schott holds various certificates for its solar products, such as the Schott solar Certificate BS OHSAS 18001, the ISO 14001, ISO 9001, Solar Pv Urkunde Umweltpakt DE and Solar CSP Urkunde Umweltpakt.