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Sanyo Solar Panels

Sanyo Solar is an industry leader with over 30 years experience in the solar energy field, and a reputation for reliability.

In 1975, they launched the amorphous silicon cell development. By 1980 they had launched the first production of these on a global scale. In 1992, an on grid photovoltaic power system was installed in Japan.

HIT (heterojunction with intrinsic thin layer) solar cells were soon being marketed.

Sanyo Solar Ark was completed at Gifu Plant in 2001, and became a significant global photovoltaic power generator.

The HIT solar cells production began en mass in 2005 at a factory in Hungary and two years later, production had exceeded 100 million units.

These solar cells feature mono thin crystalline silicon wafers encased in ultra thin and amorphous silicon layers. The high output of the cell is enabled by reducing power generation losses on its surface. Sanyo Solar pride themselves on being able to give industry leading performance with their HIT cells as well as great value.

Sanyo have a proven track record of providing photovoltaic systems around the world.

They provided 20kW of solar energy for a London bus terminal, and in Spain they installed a tracking photovoltaic system in Sesma.

Other commercial solutions include a factory roof in Meran, Italy, providing 8367kW of power and solar energy panels at the Berlin City Gymnasium in Germany. Sanyo have provided renewable energy to the annex of the town hall in Ronnenberg and to Elektro in Alfdorf (providing 256.5kW of energy).

In South Africa, Sanyo Solar have installed cells for the telecommunication system in Semonkorg, whilst in Korea the company provided 700kW of solar power to the PV Generation Plant Project.

Sanyo have also installed solar cells at locations across the U.S, including a solar tracking carport system in Alameda County, California and another carport system in Alabama. In Loma Linda, they created a solar roofing system with an output of 309kW.

The Solar Ark is Sanyo?s solar photovoltaic power generation building, which offers visitors an interesting and educational experience to understand more about renewable energy and its benefits. The Ark is located in the Gifu Prefecture in Japan and is 315m wide. Within the Ark, the solar lab is a museum dedicated to solar energy.

Sanyo Solar/Panasonic aims to be the world?s number one company for green innovation within the electronics industry. The company?s ethos is based around enriching peoples? lives through business and on offering products to help them lead better lives.

Sanyo believes in renewable energy and green innovation and drives their ?eco ideas? to represent the company?s commitment in this and other fields.

In 2011 the company?s solar panels were used to power a solar car for the World Solar Challenge event. In order for solar energy to give a car top performance, it must have a high power efficiency and be lightweight. The Panasonic solar powered car, with its quality, energy efficient panels, won the 5 day race with a lead time of 65 minutes.