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Romag Solar Panels

Romag is a leading specialist in glass processing and Solar PV and is based in County Durham, north England. They are industry experts and supply a range of products to customers world wide.

The company has been operating since 1943 and has become part of the renowned Gentoo Group. Their products are manufactured locally, as they believe in supporting the community and supporting sustainability. Local manufacturing of PV also ensures a light carbon footprint, as opposed to importing products. Romag employs over 200 staff at its facility.

Romag?s company ethos is focused on its staff, stakeholders and ultimately on its customers. They pride themselves on being committed to excellence and delivering quality customer service in order to experience business growth.

Romag?s values are to re-imagine the future and they believe that nothing is impossible. They also strive to cultivate a healthy, learning curiosity.

The company has been producing solar PV solutions since 2004. They offer photovoltaic kits which carry the BSI kitemark, ensuring their quality. The company also offers a wide range of PV products which are MCS accredited and comply with the government?s Feed-in Tariffs.

PV products have outputs ranging from 180Wp to 280Wp. The black on black range features an attractive aesthetic appearance for rooftops. The range of products offered by Romag are high quality and UK manufactured.

The company?s solar PV modules are produced using their vast glass processing skills. These modules offer quality and value and are suitable for retrofit, stand alone or new build purposes. Modules use high efficiency solar cells and give outstanding performance. Polycrystalline or monocrystalline cells have enhanced efficiency and are connected, to charge 24 volt batteries.

This series of modules, known as the SMT6 series, has low iron textured glass as part of the component which works in reducing reflections and increasing light transmission to the cell. The modules also use bypass diodes to avoid loss of power through shading. Weather protection is provided by a layer of Tedlar which is laminated to the module.

Projects completed by Romag include Pilkington Planar solar panels being installed on the ALM Head Office in Copenhagen, with a 41.5kW generating system.

At Kings Cross station, Romag provided 240kWp of solar PV panels, as part of Network Rail?s green building initiative. The output of this solar system is believed to be 175,000kWh of electricity per year, which will save tonnes of carbon emissions.

At Olympic Park in London, 616 square metres of PV panels were installed, featuring an innovative self clean coating. The panels are believed to be able to produce an output of 67 MWh each year.

Romag has installed a PassivHaus system in Houghton-le-Spring in the UK, for a number of houses, and is the first scheme on this scale to do so. 5 of the homes gained a CSH level 5 using Romag PV panels as well as solar thermal.

Romag provides roof integrated PV systems, photovoltaics for integrated buildings, Power Park solar canopies and whole roof PV systems.