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Mastervolt Solar Panels

Mastervolt is a global provider of renewable energy solutions. Its head office is located in Amsterdam and it has approximately 150 employees working there. The company also has hundreds of people who work for dealers and distributors world wide and who collectively share Mastervolt?s mission.

The company?s aim is to supply durable and reliable energy solutions to locations without conventional electricity supply, using innovation and green power supplies.

Mastervolt has built a strong research and development ethos in order to help it develop the best renewable power products. The company works in collaboration with designers, manufacturers and universities, as well as in-house to develop the best solutions for today?s marketplace.

Mastervolt prides itself on its informal character, and sees itself as a flouring, healthy company.

The company was established in 1991 and has gained an excellent reputation in the global maritime market and its specialist knowledge has helped it gain entry into new markets such as power for vehicles and solar energy.

Since 1995, Mastervolt has been working on generating the best results from solar inverters and panels, regardless of brand. Mastervolt supplies quality inverters throughout Western Europe.

In 1999 the company helped to create the biggest residential solar power project in the world, involving 500 homes and 1.3MW of power for Amersfoort in Holland.

Mastervolt is looking to grow further in the future with the help of its mother company, Actuant, and its clear focus on renewable energy. It has a strong relationship with its clients, both in residential and commercial fields.

The company aims to continue developing inverters that are innovative and intelligent, as well as highly efficient. The emphasis for their products is durability and versatility. They want their inverters to be used for a vast range of projects and possibilities, using solar modules.

Mastervolt produces a variety of solar inverters, ranging from 0-1kWp, 1-10 kWp to 10-100 kWp. They also develop solar monitoring products, which ensure that customers make the most of and understand their systems. The monitors identify problems and breakdowns to avoid a significant output loss, and give read outs and therefore insights into problems that arise. There are a range of monitoring products to suit all PV systems.

Mastervolt offer installation kits for building stand alone, off grid systems in households. PV panels feature an autonomous power supply, deleting the need for connecting to the mains. These kits feature tried and tested innovative Mastervolt technology to guarantee durability, security and safety.

The kits available are the SA1500, SA1800 and SA3600. These have differing levels of photovoltaic power and do not require further products.

Mastervolt has won the ?iF product design award 2010?, which is given by a group of experts to a product that shows creative innovation and superior quality. The company won this award for the MasterSol CS 20 TL, a solar inverter with a 98% energy efficiency and with an output capacity of up to 1000 volts. The product features waterproof casing, making it suitable for outdoor use.