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Kyocera Solar Panels

Kyocera is a global leader and vertically integrated producer of solar panels. KSI (Kyocera Solar Inc) is the North American subsidiary of the company and is based in Scottsdale, Arizona. The company caters for customers on a global scale.

Kyocera has been producing solar power solutions for more than 35 years and pride themselves on their innovation, and ability to produce affordable, dependable products that harvest the energy of the sun effectively, with superior technology.

There are 212 companies that make up the Kyocera Group, featuring over 60,000 employees. The net sales during 2012 amounted to $14.5 Billion. The company have enjoyed high levels of profit each year and have been rated as an ?Aa3? by the Moody high quality rating system.

The company produces solar cells using a vertical integration process known as a ?chain of custody?. This means that Kyocera has control over the manufacturing chain, from the process of harnessing silicon to ingot to cutting panels, to creating cells and modules. The final products have a quality that is in-built and give a superior performance.

Kyocera created the Sakura Solar Energy Centre, now 25 years old, which consists of a 43kW grid tie system. This features over 1000 modules harnessing over 45,000 hours of the sun?s energy. The panels have experienced a degradation of only 11.9% in 25 years.

The company?s crystalline modules have been tested and proven to have the highest output, against their peers in the field.

Kyocera has a company mission, known as their ?solar spirit?, to help others and to make sure they can count on the company for its reliability of renewable energy on a global scale. The village of Kankoi in Pakistan uses Kyocera?s solar panels as the only source of electricity.

The company participates in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act because of its membership in the World Trade Ogranization and NAFTA. Its U.S solar capacity is 30MW per year.

Kyocera is renowned for its muliticrystalline silicon cell efficiency, having broken the record several times in the past. The company has increased the surface area of their solar cells and reduced energy loss.

Kyocera produced solar panels for the PPL Renewable Energy Park in New Jersey, the Gatorade Distribution plant in Arizona and the Integrity Building Corporation. They have also provided panels for the Children?s Museum in San Diego and created the Solar Grove there. They have installed cells at the Frito-Lay Arizona Service Centre and at the University of California in San Diego.

The company provides residential, as well as commercial solar solutions. They have provided and installed panels for thousands of homes that are grid connected. These homes provide electricity for their households and also are able to sell any surplus energy back to the utility.

With the number of solar energy companies increasing rapidly since 2000, Kyocera prides itself on having the proven experience to deliver quality and reliability on a commercial and residential scale and to develop its innovative and efficient solar solutions.