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Ja Solar Panels

JA Solar Panels is a global leader in solar energy solutions for domestic, commercial and utility customers. The company aims to reduce the impact on the environment through its renewable innovations.

JA Solar Panels was founded in 2005.

It has an annual cell production of 3 GW and uses a vertical integration system, meaning that it has control over the entire photovoltaic chain of production.

JA Solar?s research centre enables its team to create exciting new technologies to improve solar cell efficiency and to cut unnecessary production costs. The company has developed its MAPLE quasi mono-crystalline with increasingly high efficiency ratings. The R&D team is also committed to developing PV research.

In 2006, the first 25 MW of solar cell production was put on trial production by JingAo Solar. In the same year, JA Solar was founded as part of the company and later that year, the daily output of solar cells exceeded 30,000. This soon grew to over 80,000 cells and JA Solar Panels became the company name.

The following year, JA Solar USA, the owned subsidiary, was founded in the U.S and JA Solar PV Technology was founded in Shanghai.

In 2009, JA Solar?s capacity in its Ningjin and Yangzhou production plants was 650MW a year. The company was named as one of China?s top three solar cell manufacturers.

JA Solar announced an investment, in 2011, with City of Hefei to create an advanced 3GW photovoltaic production plant. In the same year, the company made an agreement with MEMC Singapore to create and run a solar cell production facility at the Yangzhou site.

JA Solar produce high efficiency solar cells that give a stable performance during photovoltaic conversion. The Energy efficiency rating of the cells are ensured by an innovative diffusion technique.

Their solar modules are quality efficiency crystalline cells with a high endurance against severe weather. These modules can be custom made to client?s specifications and have a 10 year guarantee on quality and up to a 25 year guarantee on power output.

At its Yangzhou facility, the company is involved with solar PV design and installation and this includes the pre-planning, engineering design, construction, commissioning and maintenance of PV systems.

Business has expanded to include PV projects in Beijin, Indonesia, China, Pakistan, Korea and India. JA Solar?s total installation has now exceeded 50MW.

The company prides itself on its world class technology, advanced management, product quality and excellent service. JA Solar has a renowned reputation and has achieved a stable market share of the solar power industry.

JA Solar sells its solar products to global investors who use it for residential, commercial and utility customers.

The company uses a corporate governance code to maintain its ethical standards and business reputation for shareholders.

It has a commitment to social responsibility, and aims to help the environment and the quality of people?s lives. JA Solar strives to share ideas and spirit. They have strong development goals and aim to show their commitment through practice.