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Bosch Solar Panels

Bosch is a renowned world leader of solar renewable energy with many established sites across the globe, from the U.S, Germany, South Africa, Singapore, Shanghai, to Australia and South America.

The company is a member of recognized solar organisations, such as the European Photovoltaic Industry Association and the Solar Electric Power Association. Bosch also holds ISO certificates for its production plants in Germany and France.

In 2008, Bosch bought controlling shares of Ersol Solar Energy AG and renamed the company Bosch Solar Energy AG. The following year they invested 530 million Euros in a solar cell production facility at Arnstadt.

In May 2011, Bosch Solar Energy announced its industrial plan for crystalline module manufacturing in France. The following month Bosch announced its production site in Malaysia, with an investment of approximately 520 million Euros. The same year, Bosch Solar developed factories for solar modules and cells and finished developing their headquarters.

Bosch Solar produces mono-crystalline solar cells with an improved metallization as well as a new front and back. These innovations allow cells to perform better and gain higher efficiency ratings.

The company produces thin film modules which use micromorph silicon technology and which are monitored continuously throughout the manufacturing process to ensure quality and parity.

Bosch Solar provides renewable energy solutions for both commercial and residential use. They also advise companies about carbon free production and the advantages of reducing commercial carbon footprints in industry today.

Bosch Solar have produced crystalline solar modules for rooftop systems, such as a 30.75 kWp project in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany and 45 modules at Dettingen/Teck. In Helibronn, Bosch installed a rooftop system featuring an impressive 1700 modules and with an output of 391 kWp.

In South Africa, the company installed roof top solar panels for a plant in Hurlingham, with an output of 98.5 kWp.

In Abu Dhabi, a test system was installed using an output of 1.4 kWp in 2009.

Bosch created a rooftop system in Manila in the Philippines in 2012, featuring 172 modules.

The company offers residential solar energy solutions aimed at improving the environment and saving households money on traditional fossil fuels. They provide photovoltaic systems to suit most households.

Residential products include rooftop systems providing 10.12 kWp in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, and 155 modules for a rooftop system in Baden-Wurttemberg.

On Penang Island in Malaysia, Bosch installed 43 modules for a rooftop system with 10.32 kWp output.

Bosch Solar aims to provide quality products with a long service life. They pride themselves on their engineering know-how and ability to provide outstanding technology and satisfaction to customers around the world. The company develops their products and control the chain through the manufacturing process to the sale and installation of their photovoltaic systems. The company is confident of its expertise and industry knowledge about solar energy and its markets around the globe.

Bosch aims to provide dependability, low risk and credit-worthiness of a leading brand when it comes to assuring investors of their credentials in the solar energy industry.