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Is There Enough Sun In The UK For Solar Energy?

It's fair to say the UK isn't exactly renowned for its wall-to-wall sunshine - but there's more than enough sunlight in the day to make solar power a viable option. Germany 'enjoys' a similar climate to us, and still manages to produce around a third of the World's total solar power!

That's because solar panels are powered by light - not heat or even direct sunlight. So when the skies cloud over and the rain starts to fall, your panels are still absorbing more than enough energy.

Indeed, even through winter months - when the sun is considerably lower in the sky - you can expect your solar installation to provide around a third of your heating and hot water requirements.

Don't be fooled by outside temperatures either. When the thermometer shows just a couple of degrees, rest assured the heat in your solar panels will usually be much higher.

Solar panels are designed to minimise heat loss, so once the energy has been drawn in, the panel and connecting pipe work will stay hot for a considerable length of time.

Did you know? In the UK, we actually receive 60% of the solar radiation that you'd find at the Equator - the same level of solar radiation received by some parts of Spain...