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What is the MCS?

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Most people are aware that renewable energy is becoming more and more important in today?s world. We?re all familiar with solar panels, feed-in tariffs, wind farms and many other similar schemes.

Generating more energy via renewable means is becoming more important too. The European Union as a whole has a target for 20% of all the energy we need to be produced from renewable sources by the time we reach the year 2020.

If you own a company that is involved in installing renewable energy schemes for customers ? such as solar panels or solar heated hot water schemes for example ? you will benefit from becoming MCS accredited. As you are about to find out, this could help cement your reputation long into the future.

What does MCS stand for?

MCS stands for the microgeneration certification scheme. It has been designed to regulate the renewable energy industry. The idea is similar to that used to regulate the gas industry. In order to ensure you hire a safe and competent gas fitter, you need to ensure they are qualified as a member of the Gas Safe Register. In turn, if you are looking to hire a competent and highly experienced company to install your solar panels for you, you will need to look for an MCS qualified company to do the work for you.

Is it really worth qualifying as an MCS certified member if you own a company involved in supplying renewable energies?

The answer here is a resounding yes. As people become more and more aware of how the industry is run, they will realise that it is well worth looking for a supplier who is MCS approved. Many customers are considering having a solar panel installation in order to claim the feed-in tariffs that are associated with them. However these tariffs will only be paid to those people who have hired a company that has received MCS approval.

The bottom line then is that if your company has not got MCS approval, it will fail to get a decent percentage of business. As more people search for those that have this important accreditation, your business may sink to the bottom of the pile.

Are there other benefits to getting accredited in this way?

Yes there are. Since the microgeneration certification scheme is essentially a quality assurance scheme, being a member of it illustrates that you own a high quality company that adheres to strict standards at all times.

The confidence this will give your customers, both now and in the future, is obvious. Customers want to be sure the company they choose to install their renewable energy equipment for them will be trustworthy, experienced and more than capable of getting the job done to the highest standards.

So if this is the first time you have heard of the scheme, or you have been considering whether or not to become a member of it, you now know how important it is to take part. The sooner you join the more potential business you will be able to get.